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Nov 8, 2012 5:00pm PST
to a record high. 75,9 un. -- $75,900. vanguard reports better news. the average balance of $85,330 that is the highest since va vanguard began keeping track. now this, story can lay a damper on holiday plans. statistics show san francisco international airport was among the worst ontime, arrival and departure times in the country. the report compares san francisco with 29 busiest airports throughout the country. sfo ranked last for september and second from the last for on time arrivals so far for 2012. departures aren't any better. sfo ranking11yiw 27th. i'm seeing a pattern here. >> looks like we can do better than that you would hope. >> another way you can mention cloud funding. >> great add rice. >> thanks. >> this is carbon monoxide awareness week. they're working to make us aware simple dedoctors can save lives. >> and fire departments are banding together to prevent casualtis. >> idea is education is paramount to saving lives. and operation save a live teams up with fire departments in oakland, san francisco and santa clara counties. and and are donated. these alarms la
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm PST
for wealthyest americans and says anyone who has an issue with un ambassador susan rice, a possible choice for secretary of state should go after him not her. rice has come under skrut my on the handling of attacks on the u.s. embassy in ben dwaz gazy some republicans vowed to block the phone shall nomination. the president took a wide range of questions for nearly an hour and talk btd resignation of david petraeus and discovered -- discussed mandatory spending cuts and tax increases will take affect. >> top priority has to be jobs and growth. got to build on progresses we've made. we've got a growing, thriving middle class. >> republicans say they're willing to make a deal but are adammant taxes not increase. dow jones fell today on news a deal is not close. nancy pelosi says she wants to keep her role, her post as house minority leader. she will run to keep her job. the 7-year-old wants to continue to empower women. >> we know one way to increase involvement of women increasing level of stability. >> pelosi highlighted strength today surrounded by all women lawmakers when she made the aa
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2